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Fort Boyard Run v1.1 Mod Apk Money/Unlock


Fort Boyard Run

 Fort Boyard Run v1.1 Mod Apk Money/Unlock Conquer the fort and go for it in the bays of the famous pregnant! In your rat race, dodge traps and obstacles to collect the boyars and avoid prison! Will you manage to tame the meanders of Fort Boyard?


• Walk the famous Corridors and discover for the first time the Exterior of the Fort. Two new sections will discover very quickly.
• Go through a varied course and treacherous: barrels, moving balls, ropes, fire eaters and harrows block your way!
• Avoid poisonous insects and reptiles littering the ground: snakes, spiders, bats, rats, scorpions, etc!
• Negotiate perfectly special sections to reap the greatest possible boyars!
• Collect the keys and clues to progress through the 30 levels of the game.
• Enjoy the soundtrack of the TV show to help you challenge yourself in difficult passages.

• Choose the right candidates for your team and their special skills to overcome the levels!
• Be perceptive: decipher clues left by Father Fouras, and find the word code to access a new section.
• Unlock new characters and upgrade them with the boyars.
• Help you in bonus levels to meet the challenges of the Fort.
• Beware Mister Boo and the following distance in Endless mode!
• Challenge your friends by browsing through the greatest possible distance.
• Try your luck every day on the Wheel of Destiny White, and get rewards.
• Impress them by unlocking success in the Google Play Games.


Note: This game has in-app purchases for unlock new characters or acquire virtual currency (used to accelerate improvements, resurrect his character or remove the advertisement). These improvements can also be achieved by progressing through the game.


Do not miss the adventures of Fort Boyard:

Visit the official website of the show: http://www.france2.fr/emissions/fort-boyard
Join the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Fort.Boyard/
Follow the Twitter page: https://twitter.com/perefouras

Assistance: http://www.fun4family.com/fr/contactez-nous

Fort Boyard Run
Fort Boyard Run
Fort Boyard Run
Fort Boyard Run
Fort Boyard Run
Fort Boyard Run


 Fort Boyard Run v1.1 Mod Apk Money/Unlock – USERSCLOUD

 Fort Boyard Run v1.1 Mod Apk Money/Unlock – TUSFİLES


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