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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS v2.1.0 [Mod Money] Japanese
Requirements Android 2.3.3 +

■ □ ■ Google Play Summer Sale ■ □ ■
8 / 11-8 / 19 only! The "Special Box Summer"
In carrying out the campaign can Shop!
Story, characters, the world, everything is unique!
Give everyone RPG fan, a new Final Fantasy
◆ Final Fantasy Admirable Aix via scan ◆

◆ game introduction ◆
▼ new highway nostalgic RPG
Nostalgic Final Fantasy
By leaving the taste, it has evolved into a completely new RPG.

▼ easy operation, while most of the strategic battle
High action that starts moving when you play battle.
Magic together, such as capacity,
Battle complete strategy of incandescent lamps can enjoy.
active time battle and battle command
Born here is the shape of the new cast battle.

▼ capture Dungeon field research
To manipulate the characters in touch, explore the fields and dungeons.
Battle of the monster, of course, or find an item,
Find the hidden passage, or to discover a new route …
In addition to the information collected by the city, shopping and search warrants, such as
Get ready for the adventure is important. Condensation true RPG excitement is here.

▼ character moves briskly!
The latest dot technology will give a new breath to the world of FF.
A number of different actions that the unique character, which is show.
deathblow, the powerful director is packed like magic.

▼ invoke the CG film strength
video group that Square Enix boast
"Visual Works" CG HD for producing films.
Series called familiar animal production is a masterpiece of quality.

▼ characters from past FF series also participated!
FF familiar character series appeared many.
Beyond time and space, legend warriors gather here.

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