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EZ Voice Notes App v2.72


EZ Voice Notes App v2.72
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: EZ Notes is your Lightning Fast and Extremely Convenient Voice Note Taking App for Ultimate Mobility anywhere ❢ 



EZ Notes is your Lightning Fast and Extremely Convenient Voice Note Taking App for Ultimate Mobility anywhere ❢

EZ Notes sets new standards for convenience; our greatest Edge for daily Mobility is that your spoken Voice Notes Pop-Up INSTANTLY without hindrance. We combine outstanding innovation using non-bloated (one-touch) interfaces that Boost Mobility, while delivering the Ultimate Hands-Free Experience ❢

Set EZ Reminders, Share Spoken & Sketched ideas, and set Priority Colors for Enhanced Organizing. EZ Notes delivers many other conveniences: EZ To-Do Cards (New), EZ Archival, EZ Undo, EZ Cloud Functions, EZ Search, EZ Sketch (S-Pen support), EZ Export, and more ❢

“EZ Notes” is an Award Winning App

✦ Editors’ Choice Award for:
Practicality, User-Friendliness and Mobility — “ITworld”

http://www.itworld.com/article/2825647/ … cient.html

✦ Editors’ Choice Award for:
App of the Week — “TechDissected”


We ship Loaded with these Benefits ❢

• EZ Notes Pop-Up & Save “hands-free” on-the-go

• EZ Notes Hybrid data entry: Type, Voice, S-pen

• EZ Notes makes Shopping lists truly a Breeze

• EZ Notes delivers a Powerful EZ To-Do Cards
function for easily creating, arranging, editing
and sharing To-Do’s (Organized as Groups) ❢

• EZ Notes S-Pen Application (“EZ Sketch”) is
a Powerful tool for Sketching colored Notes ❢
[Courtesy “Markers” Open Source Project,
links in “About” section of App]

• EZ Notes delivers a customized EZ Editor with
smooth FLING Gestures for automatic scrolling
of long Notes. Plus we deliver our outstanding
Voice Transcription + Text Listening functions
in our editor, enabling more voice Notes ❢

• EZ Notes has a One-Touch Fast User Interface ❢

• EZ Notes is Non-invasive ❢ It does not track
anything such as: Your Searches, Browsing
Activity, Content Browsed by Apps, Information
from your Device (like Contacts, Apps, Music),
nor Track Location (creating a private map of
where you go with your device every day)

• Email solution for backup NOT Cloud Sync ❢
This way, no one can collect your personal
Notes and sell / disclose them to others.
This also saves battery life and eliminates
online data hacking

• EZ Notes delivers Swift Swipe Gestures

• EZ Notes delivers an automatic StackWidget

• EZ Notes delivers Google Cloud Print support

• EZ Notes delivers Text-to-Speech Read Aloud

• EZ Notes Sound-Toggle Switches Audio On/Off

• EZ Notes easily Shares Notes & Color Sketches

• EZ Notes sets Calendar Reminders/Notifications

• EZ Notes Automatically Archives Notes on Swipe

• EZ Notes provides Auto Recovery + Identification

• EZ Notes Rapidly Searches Title tags & Priority Colors ❢

• EZ Notes is super in mobile situations, trips, school etc.

• EZ Notes is the Fastest “On-the-Go” daily Companion ❢

• EZ Notes is Extremely Efficient on Resources ❢

• EZ Notes delivers lots of useful Web Functionality ❢

• EZ Notes helps Medical Staff save Time & Hassle

• EZ Notes has Zero Annoying in-app purchases

• EZ Notes has Zero Annoying Advertisements

What’s New

EZ Notes Ver. 2.72 Update
* Automatic Trash Bin function for Selective Restore now available !
—- In Addition to the Items below —-
* Brand New “EZ Folders” Function. With this great new enhancement, you have instant access to many folders and great functionality such as ability to Mark Priority, Share, Perform Cloud Functions, Search, Audio Feedback, and more !
* Brand New “EZ To-Do Cards” function
* Support for Android Marshmallow Runtime Permissions

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