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Endless Era v1.16.3 (Mod Apk Money)


Endless Era

 Endless Era v1.16.3 (Mod Apk Money)  “When the Archmage sought the magick of eternal life, his spell instead opened portals to Chaos; monsters poured out, threatening the land. Now it’s up to the Mages, with the help of legendary heroes, to close the portals and save the world.”

A unique hybrid of clicker + idle games combined with RPG elements, Endless Era takes you to a sides-crolling fantasy world threatened by the portals with numerous tough enemies, as you fight your way through the different environments and locations of Ochem.

► CHOOSE YOUR AVATAR – play as the Red Mage or the Blue Mage to lead your battle against Chaos. Tap the screen to have your avatar shoot projectiles against enemies and heal up your army in battle. Acquire upgrades to improve your avatar’s tap attacks.
► HERO SYSTEM – Call heroes in battle and unleash a variety of skills to turn the odds in your favor. Heroes have health and can temporarily be knocked out. Find shrines and summon new heroes to expand your army. Collect soulstones to evolve your heroes into stronger ones with more powerful skills.
► ACTIVE/PASSIVE ENDLESS MISSIONS – Run endless missions to gather mana and soulstones. Complete mission goals to unlock new map locations for stronger monsters and more treasures. Run multiple missions to take advantage of your growing army. Heroes fight battles and progress on missions on their own during idle mode!
► QUESTS – Complete quests to receive rewards that give you advantage in facing tougher enemies.

Endless Era
Endless Era
Endless Era
Endless Era
Endless Era
Endless Era


 Endless Era v1.16.3 (Mod Apk Money) – USERSCLOUD

 Endless Era v1.16.3 (Mod Apk Money) – UPLOADED


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