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Emperor Legend v1.1.1 [Mod]


Emperor Legend v1.1.1 [Mod]

Requirements: 2.3+

[img]hs://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8AUiKWBOWSTkM2L6gX0hO6LiSKFQXLeRvlSdozfAMSGotmIwKW q7AWTMQQ0q2m89n_WV=h900-rw[/img]

Rewrite history in this epic mobile fantasy RPG!
Travel back to the distant past, when heroes and tyrants alike rule by the strength of their swords and their control over mystical forces. Learn the ways of a wandering martial master, and recruit your own team of fantasy heroes adapted directly from history and legend. Lead your team through the eras to overthrow evil rulers, expel dark demons, and create a peaceful kingdom of your very own.

Enjoy over 20 chapters of story-driven levels, your own city with tons of special dungeons and unlockable buildings, a comprehensive gear collection and crafting system, and loot-based PvP challenges… all as you write your own legend!

★ Build a legendary team! Combine your fave emperors and villains from different eras, or meet them anew over 21 (and growing!) story chapters. Promote and Ascend them, teach them explosive Skills, and unlock their special abilities by finding their ancient Relics.
★ Become your own Hero! Lead your team personally into battle. Choose your own special Skills, boost your gear, collect scattered Warrior Scrolls, and unlock your Fate to make your battle fantasies come to life.
★ Walk into a gorgeous 3D watercolor! Everything from the towers on the horizon, to the soldiers at your command, to the lightning shooting from your fingertips are 3D-rendered in a gorgeous painterly style inspired by classic Eastern art.
★ Strategize! Adjust your team and your skills to take down each unique enemy. Choose between mystical attacks, powerful physical blows, and even elemental spells that shock your enemies with thunder, earthquakes, or darkness.
★Be the best! Fight HUGE 15-on-15 battles with your Guild mates. Or, knock down other players in the Dojo to climb rankings and win exclusive rewards, including rare Heroes and gear.
★ Craft and wield incredible fantasy weapons by finding their pieces scattered through the land! Upgrade and Refine them, then swap them freely between Heroes as you adjust your team. Or, melt them down into materials to fortify your truly rare finds.
★ Have a different adventure every day! Steal treasure from the magic Dragon Turtle, fight off an invading Demon Army, or climb the Tower Trial to find celestial treasures. You’ll never need to wait for building or recruitment time to have your next adventure!


– All-new World Boss gameplay! Find this daily limited-time Boss in Savage Wars.
– New Gift Bag feature, including individual and Guild gifts.
– VIP Chests have been moved to the Event page.
– New newbie Level-Up Packs can be collected from the upper right corner on the city screen.
– Can now raise your Guild Level to unlock more Guild features.
– Can now tap the loudspeaker button to see Guild statuses.
– Equipment pieces can now be melt down.
– Can challenge all-new Legend Chapter 25.

Mod Info:
– Damage Multiplier
– Mana

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