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Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia apk mod v1.20

Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia apk mod v1.20

【Everyone plays】Best choice to millions of people in 2016!
【Kungfu classics】Kungfu’s pith,legendary with team!
【Grand Bonus】Fantastic gifts for new server,get red packs online!
【Best touch】Smooth interface,Carefree operation!
【No bound】Unlocked PVP,be a king of 2D over the world !
【Palace combat】Attack and occupy palace to be a hero!
【Rich ways】 Mounts and wings,equipments and pets,many funny ways!

Master,join us and have an amazing adventure!

====【Game Introduction】====
Flourish tang,a young man met trouble

One day,many monsters appeared and destroyed the peace.War broke out,the world
became chaotic,brave heroes fighted for people.The peace will be returned by the

Top image quality

Wonderful 1080p image quality,compare with 3D movie!
Huge production, perfect scene!
Splendid special effects,perfect characters’design,classic siege war.
Let’s enjoy the power of sword and magic in the game!

Three classes,diamond cut diamond.

Rouge:range attack,heal ability and summon pets .
Warrior:melee attack,high defense and HP.
Mage:range magic attak,high damage,low defense.

Attack and occupy the palace in one screen

Fight for the palace with different camps,come with your brothers.
Expand your power,overcome all the difficulties in the way.
Extraordinary interpretation of the classical tradition .

Easy and free,level 80 by one key

Auto-routing in 3D map by one key,offline auto-finishing tasks easily.
Skills auto-upgrading,assistants and the guide of tasks are all in here.
Enjoy playing the game,online auto-fighting,offline upgrade.
Simple and relax,earn the grand experiences easily.

====【Game Features】====
●The sword with emotion,create a kungfu dream.
The endless river eastward flows; with its huge waves are gone all those gallant heroes of bygone years.
The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.
The warriors woke up in the queen’s dream.Who will be the king of wulin?Let’s look forward!

●Various ways,enjoy the happy time
Different kinds of lovely pets are waiting for you!
Great deal of players fight for the rare kungfu pith.
Free change pk mode,total day PVE combat,brings the craziestand amazing experience.

●Numerous events,fantastic benefits.
Grand bonus for new-server,total online and daily login can get award.
During the Chang’an traditional festivals,once online you can earn golds,rebirth equipments,dragon pills,etc.
First recharge can earn grand bonus,gold diamond card,silver diamond card players earn extra buff stats,more
gifts,task rewards.
The rich players are inviting you to siege and plunder the red packs.Good luck to you!

====【Gameplay Introduction】====
●Perfect-matched partner
Meet your dream girl,finish the task together by voice chatting.
Handsome boys and lovely girls are in the game.
With your soul mate,you will not feel alone.

●Decisive battle,talents Wanted
Innovative World Boss, pillage and escort quests, magnificent legion wars, arena, wild PK.
Definitely satisfy your killing appetite, fulfill your desire for glory .
Show your overwhelming glamour as a dynast!

●Offical rank,glory heaven
Awake your ancient bloodline,dark night passed dawn comes.
Light:beginner,protecter,chief,red clothes guild
Dark:beginner,hunter,demon,white hair holy spirit

●Treasures exploring, once a day
Great deals of treasures and splendid equipments!
Fast upgrade and enough equipments,golds with grand benefits.
Points can be earned by digging treasures,points can exchange gifts,surprises in daily

====【Share and support】====
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Facebook Fans Page:https://www.facebook.com/9377ht
Game website:http://s.9377.com/hthw/en/

Game record No.9343-MU698830

Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia
Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia
Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia
Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia
Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia
Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia

Additional information

Updated : May 16, 2016
Size : 89M
Installs : 10,000 – 50,000
Current Version : 1.20
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 7 Mild Violence Learn more
In-app Products : HUF538.48 – HUF54,353.46 per item
Permissions :

DOWNLOAD: Emperor 3D- kung fu and wu xia

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