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Ellipsis v1.1 mod apk


Ellipsis v1.1 mod apk We’ve crafted a beautiful universe for you to uncover and explore at your own pace. Fly through levels, dodging and evading enemies before they have a chance to react. Or explore leisurely, mastering each world and uncovering all its secrets. Either way, Ellipsis will keep you on your toes with surprises from start to finish.

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• Pick up and play for all ages
• Huge universe with 8 worlds, 130+ levels
• Each level a unique experience – No filler!
• Beautiful minimalist graphics
• Pay once, no IAP, no ads

Level improvements. All 135 levels can now be 5-starred!
Ellipsis never interrupts your experience with ads, IAPs or review prompts. We are always happy to hear your feedback though!


 Ellipsis v1.1 mod apk

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