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Elite Sniper Assault 3D v1.0.1 [Mod Money]

Elite Sniper Assault 3D v1.0.1 [Mod Money]

Requirements: 2.3+

Fast method of fighting the thrilling, true shooting experience, build in sniper pleasure.

Cruel qualifying battlefield, hot anti-terrorism action scenes, the lone special forces into the lion’s den, strength showdown, people worship, thrill kill!
The collection of gold in one fell swoop the gun.
2 big boss, 5 big scene, collection gold equipment, take you godlike, meet the pinnacle of hearty, shell touchdown, gun headshot. Let us together with the fiery war!
The annual tour hand hung article fire.
Brave face thousands of enemy hero blood, generous person in the position of the pride.
Let the bullets fly with you to experience the flames of romance and brothers Tiexue ambition, the man will play the blood Mobile Games.
With hundreds of enemy close combat, bullets into super sense; exciting scenes of the war, let your blood boil, unable to stop!!

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