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Dynamix v3.1.2 Mod [Gold/Unlocked]


Dynamix v3.1.2 Mod [Gold/Unlocked] Requirements Android 4.0.3 +

Dynamix Introduction
C4Cat launch of the first game Dynamix is ​​a triple drop-music mobile games. And the overall match different drop music, Dynamix is ​​divided into three regions whereabouts left directions, right, each region as an instrument track. Three districts designed to make the game more changes to the most interesting and challenging game to provide a higher degree of difficulty. Moreover, when addressing the three tracks also makes the players personally have played the entire first musical presence, strengthening the beat of the music.
Different challenges in different game modes
A variety of notes including TAP, slide, maintain, corresponding click, drag, press and other rich content of the interactive game.
The future will be equipped to help mirror nature bound to the surface of the spectrum, the legend "end" – buckle patterns of blood as well as reduce the width of the banknotes and other special play modes, may several different modes at the same time open to match a completely different game experience.

original music and spectral surface
Now contains more than 30 composers from Hong Kong to create personally original music, musical styles, including bias current electronic music based Trancecore, Hardcore, Glitch, Oriental, chiptune, etc, future updates will add more variety of musical styles, including Dubstep, and electric sounds, Psytrance Breakbeat and so on. The game contains more than one spectral plane hundred, level Basic gradual entry for more experienced players feel not boring difficult level, even beyond Custom Super Hard difficulty spectrum face of "Mega", "Giga" level.
"Dynamix" Features:
★ a track corresponds to a musical instrument, to strengthen the feeling of playing a musical instrument
★ special game to strengthen the sense of rhythm
★ greatest difficulty of change, players can easily be implemented progressively
★ feeling mimic arcade, arcade difficulty

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