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Dwarf Clicker mod apk v1.0.26

Dwarf Clicker mod apk v1.0.26

There is no more scarier thing than a dwarf with an axe. And beside that he is angry like a wolf.

Meet Oswald – he will be your dwarf today. He will work hard for you to earn you cash but in return you will need to buy him some new featured skills, sharpen his axe or forge him a new one. By doing that you will give him even more things to chop down.

Oswald will work for you even when you are not playing the game. It’s incredibly strong and he never needs the rest or does he sleep. After you rest open the app and you will see how much money did Oswald earn for you.

Angry dwarf will chop and cut down literally anything. From dandelion, bamboo, Fort Know safe, Magic bean, Talking bush, GSM towers and more. There are 18 things you need to chop down, but first you need to get to them by upgrading and forging a new axe.

What is dwarf idle game?
Idle game or so called incremental game, clicker games or clicking games, is game where player in that case dwarf performing simple actions like tapping repeatedly to gain money. This money can than be used to buy upgrades or forge dwarf a new better axe.

Game is equipped with exciting upgrades, forging of axes, and 18 type of “trees” that needs to be chop down.

There are numerous upgrades available in the game like
* Fitness – Improves auto-chopping speed.
* Forging skills – Improves max damage of new axe.
* Steel quality – Improves min damage of the new axe.
* Luck – Luck helps you with chance to forge something usefull.
* Sharpening skills – Better you are at sharpening, cheaper the forging gets.
* Trade – Better trader, more money you’ll get.

Be sure to listen dwarfs funny quotes cause he will make you laught.

If you think you are the best in clickers then we also got achievemnt and some scoreboards for you so you can compete against the best dwarf choppers in the world.

This simple and funny idle type of a game is all you need to start a day with a smile. So are you ready to start a journey ?

Don’t forget it’s still just an idle game. You don’t need to play all the time – angry dwarf will work for you. Let the chopping begins.

Dwarf Clicker
Dwarf Clicker
Dwarf Clicker
Dwarf Clicker
Dwarf Clicker
Dwarf Clicker

Additional information

Updated : June 22, 2016
Size : 24M
Installs : 50,000 – 100,000
Current Version : 1.0.26
Requires Android : 2.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 3 Learn more
Permissions :

DOWNLOAD: Dwarf Clicker

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