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Dustland v1.0.13 Mod [1 Hit Kill]


Dustland v1.0.13 Mod [1 Hit Kill]

Requirements: Android 2.3+


Blast into the world of Dustland, a petrol powered stomping ground where only the best survive!
Use your grit and guile to rise to the top of the New West by capturing outlaws, claiming bounties and training a team of trusted deputies.

Form and grow Bounty Hunter Guilds with people across the globe, making your mark as the most powerful hunters in existence.
Carve your name into the halls of fame with regular events, tournaments and prizes!


• Outlaw battling MMO

• Collect hundreds of Outlaws

• Join powerful Guilds with other players

• Etch your name into the Den Of Legends

• Experience hundreds of different Outlaw abilities

• Regular updates with new Outlaws, Contracts and Abilities!


The rolling dust storm needs to be driven back – Bring order to the chaos by capturing Outlaws and Territories on Dustland’s new MAP! It rolls, it scrolls and it’s out of control so give it a go!
Want more Outlaws? We’ve got them!
Harness the power of the elemental golems, from Roach (sentry of Rango Industries) to Valdez, terror of the deep – there’s a whole bunch of new, powerful renegades to add to your team!
Guild improvements
Machine drop improvements
Drops increased
Ready?? Then TO WAR!

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