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Dungeon Laughter v1.1 [Mod]


Dungeon Laughter v1.1 [Mod]

Requirements: 3.0+

Dungeon Laughter" is a non-standard Roguelike 3D game with random map generation, random props generation system, which creates an extremely changing dungeon environment.

There will be six levels and dozens of monsters waiting for the adventurer to challenge.
By using voxel character models and dynamic lighting, the art style looks both dark and adorable. We also added many classic plots of classic dungeon games to ours. The adventure will make you feel the tense atmosphere in the course of the game, yet with a smile on your face.

Whether you are a dungeon adventure game enthusiast, or you are a player who left footprints in a lot of classic dungeon games, you will find the memories and the new fun in our game, just like good old times.


1. add some new usages.
2. optimized some UI layout.
3. fixed some crash bug.
4. optimized the user’s operation.
5. adjusted some data in game, such as exp and money gained.

Mod Info:
– Mana Potion
– Health Potion
– Keys
– Scroll

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