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Duck Destiny v1.3 APK


Duck Destiny v1.3 APK With tons of enemies, obstacles, and hidden paths this game is fun for all ages. Use power-ups such as triple jump to explore carefully designed levels. Experience the responsiveness of a console controller on your touch screen device and help our unsuspecting hero find the golden egg.

What’s new:
This is the first world to the Duck Destiny game series. This update uses compressed spites, instead of using true color to make it compatible on devices with a lower DPI.
Some Features include
• Multiple Power-Ups like triple jump, and bombs
• Multiple Enemies including Boss and Mini-Boss Fights
• Each Level has at least one new interactive object
• Each level has a hidden achievement coin
• Multiple Platforms like bounce blocks, falling creates, and crumbling platforms
• And Much More


Duck Destiny v1.3 APK


Duck Destiny v1.3 APK

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