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Dragon&Elves v2.0.1.49 [Mods]


Dragon&Elves v2.0.1.49 [Mods]

Requirements: 2.3+

Dragon & Elves – A 3D magic fighting and the most real mobile game is officially released today!

The Human, the Wolf, the Dragon and the Elf exist side by side. The powerful elves controlling, fully real time PvP and the blood boiling team battles. All in Dragon & Elves !


TRANSFORM – 4 races to choose, break strength limit

4 RACES – The Human, the Wolf, the Dragon and the Elf exist side by side, and the unique Transform system

ELVES – Dozens of elves to collect, assist in training to become a master

WINGS – Hundreds of wings to choose your favourite appearance

EQUIPMENT – The epic equipment to collect and rank up

SKILLS – Hundreds of fancy skill combinations get you the great fighting experience ever

REAL TIME DUEL – Battle with real players

TEAM BATTLE – Conquer the evil master

RACES PROMOTION – Deeper vocational training to get you different feelings

VOICE CHAT – Easy for team battle and real time PvP

1. God Mode.
2. Extremely high Mana/Sp/Mp.(16777215 Mana)
3. No Skill Cooldown.
4 Anti-ban(Untested).

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Download Instructions:

Signed APK God Mode :

No Signed for ROOT devices:

Mod without God Mode(If you wanna keep questing/Doing Arena use this mod)
Signed Apk:


No Signed for ROOT devices:


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