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Dragon Ball 3D v3.1.0


Dragon Ball 3D v3.1.0
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: The only 3D fighting hand tour “Dragon Ball” is very popular since the open test, by the Lord of the Dragon Ball fans blitz and chase, its ultra restore original picture and sound content and blood emotion aroused everyone’s childhood dream. Dragon Ball fans also set off a wave of frenzied collection of childhood sun too long ago, ” Dragon Ball ” in the end where is the fun? What is 3D fighting? Today Xiaobian thin to have been.


Super battle, most Dragonball ! As a 3D mobile game battle mode, it’s either fight from the screen or mode of operation is naturally very unique. For not yet come into contact with the game Dragon Ball fans, ultra battle mode may not be profound understanding, so Xiaobian summed up the five combat characteristics.

1.Super flavor Combat: Experience absolutely true Dragon Ball World
Compared to other advertised “subvert the original,” “Rebuilding classic” game, the ” Dragon Ball ” 100% reduction of the original Dragon Ball characters, the story and scenes, which is called “super-battle flavor” is all about. Games build a completely consistent with the original set of Dragon Ball world, the Monkey King, Vegeta, and many other Felisaz Warrior have appeared more original comic strip you relive the story! With full compliance with the original game set, this new ” Dragon Ball ” will allow you to return to childhood familiar feeling.

2.Hyper-realistic combat: knife with blood, the kind of meat
Whether the collision card game boring? Are the traditional tour card hand feel excluded fake fighting shape? From now on, to the ” Dragon Ball ” the end of all this! Faithful reproduction of Dragon Ball fighting game character moves, turtle pie qigong, ultimate flash, strength bombs, gas and other domineering dimensional cut big move freely release, let your avatar Dragon Warrior super battle contest, acquired large cool trick to defeat opponents! Knife with blood, Sincere to the meat, to play to play hyper-realistic combat!

3.Super Vision Combat: Enjoy a stunning 360 ° against flu
” Dragon Ball ” is the only domestic use of 3D technology to create the Dragon Ball theme hand travel without locking the perspective system is where the game’s main features. 360 ° all-round combat rendered break the limitations of 2D visual effects, lifelike three-dimensional picture of the variety of moves to show effects in front of the player, the picture quality comparable to end tour, with a sense of absolute shock! 3D visual effects for super-phone configuration do not ask, but also brings shock screen bloodsoaked fires raging innovative action experience!

4.Ultra-team battle: rich people fetters brothers fight side by side
Alone story checkpoints believed to have failed to meet the needs of the majority of players. 3D mobile games, ” Dragon Ball ” on the basis of PVE battle mode on the team opened up the radar system; GPS positioning through popular way friends, create or join teams to the surrounding small partners together to combat the evil Boss, eliminate the forces of darkness! To play to play super-team battle, adding ” Dragon Ball ” to create your own super team spirit, to win rich rewards.

5.Ultra-fighting strategy: one hundred kinds of free combination of skills policy
As a horizontal version SRPG hand combat tour, ” Dragon Ball ” has a wealth of skills, strategies for players to fully tap. Meanwhile, the five elements g principle has also been applied to the game. You need to carefully arranged in order of appearance the team, you have reasonable arrangements for the Warrior to break through all difficulties and obstacles. Strategy combat game has more possibilities, so that PK has become more exciting, fully exercise the player’s logical thinking ability.

So many gathered together to make Dragon Ball fighting highlights the exciting new battle mode called unmatched, but only so elaborate works will set off all the people fighting craze is not it? Act now little friends, adding ” Dragon Ball ” and experience a authentic Dragon Ball world!

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