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Drag Racing v1.6.86 Mod (Money/Unlocked)


Drag Racing v1.6.86 Mod (Money/Unlocked)
Requirements Android: 2.3+

The most addictive racing game with realistic controls and over 50 real cars!
– Pilot over 50 licensed cars, from compact to super powerful 1000 HP
– Buy the car of your dreams, install parts to improve performance and show their skills in races of 1/4 or 1/2 mile
– Challenge millions of online pilots: 1×1 racing, drive the car of your opponent or participate in 10-player races in real time in Pro League
What is your favorite machine? A Nissan Skyline R34, 69 a Mustang or a BMW M3 brand new? What do you think of seeing cars with more than 1000 HP on a straight track? This game offers almost all sports cars at your disposal.

Think run straight is very easy? Try to find the balance between power and stability of its class. Use nitrous oxide to add a little adrenaline, but do not press the button too early. Go beyond and adjust the gear ratios to achieve valuable milliseconds. You think you can beat a world record and win 10 tournaments in a row? Welcome aboard!

Piloting alone can be fun, but the ultimate challenge is the online part of the game. Race against your friends or random racers, beat them driving their cars, or get other 9 players at once in real competitions. join a team to exchange adjustments, discuss strategies and share achievements.

– Drag Racing: Bike Edition – The long-awaited expansion with 17 sports bikes, new game modes, upgrades and power in ONE WHEEL!


Cited among the top 10 games of 2011 for Android by NY Times blog!

"With so many car options, an almost infinite number of opponents and so many parts to improve, we can not help but love."
– Jaymar Cabebe, CNET.com

"Ultra addictive and longevity features. Drag Racing is a game very well thought out and executed that addicted all crazy about singing tires."
– Michael Brook, Life of Android


0. Update the game
– The cars and money are saved on your device. EVER uninstall the game before updating it, but you will lose ALL your stuff.

1. How to run
– Start-up and change gears when the panel indicator turns blue or green
– If there is too much slippage, you will not go anywhere. Note the orange indicator panel
– Once you learn how to drive properly, ignore the lights and create your own strategy to win
– Nitro is more effective in cars low power with high stability. Knowing how to use it is fundamental!

2. Cars and improvements
– Test drive before you buy it!
– The more expensive the car, the harder it will be the opponent that you face in online games and offline
– Improvements increase the value / level car, but no adjustments
– Keep your car just below your level cap to gain advantage
– Adjusting gear ratios (Garage -> Enhancements -> Adjust car) is expensive, but achieves impossible times with the factory settings.

3. Game modes and wins
– Race against AI beginner / amateur to make easy money and customize your car
– Defeat bosses and unlock achievements to earn more PR
– Connect and race against other players to earn more money / PR
– If your car is not ready for online races, earn money in "Drivers Battle"
– For a more serious challenge, race against the best players in Pro League

4. Miscellaneous
– Enjoy the http://facebook.com/DragRacingGame page to receive news and strategies
– Play with vibration on (enable it in the "Settings" menu)!
– If the game is slow on your device, use the Task Manager to close unnecessary tasks that are being performed

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