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Doodle Defense v1.0.0.2

Doodle Defense v1.0.0.2

Requirements: 4.3+

Overview: Doodle Defense is a Tower Defense game that can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore gamers.

The game offers enjoyable and colorful game play with a challenging, but fun experience. It was heavily inspired by the "Desktop Defense" series. It is my first complete game and also a game built from the ground up.

Current Features:
-40 Campaign levels
-9 Freeplay levels
-6 types of enemies
-5 different Towers, 3 different Elements, and 3 Upgrades per built tower
-Create-your-own-path maps
-Local highscores
-Stat tracking for each game played
-Custom path creation

Future Updates: -Aside from bug fixes, this game is complete and being left. I may do a ‘cross-platform’ version, but that will not add new features. Bug fixes are still update worthy (hopefully none exist)

5 Types of towers:
-Arrow : Single target, attacks ground and air units
-Cannon : Single target splash damage, attacks ground units only
-Splash : Area of Effect (AoE) attack in radius around tower, attacks ground units only
-Air : Single target shot that splits into two new projectiles, attacks air units only
-Wall : Cheap tower for creating a path for creeps

3 Tower Elements:
-Ice : Slow attack, long range, costly, applies slow to enemies
-Fire : Fast attack, short range, expensive, applies burn to enemies
-Normal : Average stats across the board, cheap

6 Types of Towers:
-Normal : Basic creep that progresses slowly ahead with an average health
-Armored : High health point creep that can take a beating, but is also very slow
-Speed : Fastest creep in the game, but also one of the weakest
-Flying : This creep will bypass your ground defenses and walls by flying from start to finish
-Dividing : This creep will separate and split into smaller creeps until it is killed a total of 7 times
-Parachute : You thought the Flying creep was bad? This creep flies and upon death drops a Normal enemy


Massive performance improvement and battery saver. Fixed a potential leak in memory as well (textures were not being reused but sometimes reloaded frequently).

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