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DJI Ultimate Flight – v3 v3.171


DJI Ultimate Flight – v3 v3.171
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Unlock unlimited power of your DJI Phantom 3/Phantom 4 and Inspire 1 with Ultimate Flight, the #1 app for all your DJI aircrafts.


Compatible with Phantom 3 (all versions), Inspire 1 (all versions) and Phantom 4.

New: Google Elevation support for waypoint altitudes.

New: Waypoint missions support Esri_grid digital terrain models

Includes Panorama, Orbit, Follow me, Selfie, Ground Station/Waypoints, FAA compliant flight Logs reporting and much, much more!

Easy to create cable-cams and to define mission templates; a patent pending capability to reuse a waypoint ‘pattern’ at any location on the earth.

New in this version: Virtual walls (Phantom 3 and Inspire) and support for Phantom 4 avoidance warning system.

Also new Camera controls for setup and configuration, histogram, touch exposure setting and more!

For panorama buffs, the app includes a GPS stabilized mode and you can share your panoramas on the app’s website.

Learn more about Ultimate Flight’s features at http://www.djiultimateflight.com/v3_documentation.php

Feature Highlights:
• Panorama mode: 1-touch vertical, 360° horizontal and spherical panoramas. Panorama photos can be recorded in HDR, Burst and AEB
• Advanced Ground Station editor allowing you to create missions that include advanced operations such as orbits and panorama operations, all with a single touch. Orbit and Panorama waypoints are an Ultimate Flight exclusive, no other app has this capability today.
• Follow me follows you while automatically maintaining camera focus
• Follow touch mode, place and drag a marker anywhere on the map and the aircraft will follow
• Orbit mode include real time controls enabling you to change flight behavior during the operation
• Automatically sync your flight logs with your HealthyDrones.com and DroneLogbook.com accounts
• Save and load Ground Station and Orbit flights
• Mapping support. Use your favorite KML editor to create and load waypoint missions from services like MapsMadeEasy.com and Google Earth to name a few
• Save KML map overlays you create, no more blank screen. Also compatible with GIS map overlays
• Camera focus mode in Selfie, FPV and waypoint flight. You handle the flying and leave the app to manage the camera position for you!
• Advanced location reporting: lat/lng, DMS or UTM (perfect for environmental studies and surveying operations)
• Course Lock / Home Lock available at 1-touch
• Advanced camera settings and shooting modes including HDR, AEB, Burst and interval
• Auto record starts video when you begin flight
• Dynamic home point


* Android 6 security support
* Per-waypoint speed
* Fixed KMZ overlay
* Multi-select and edit waypoints
* Video prompt now allows you to “don’t ask again”
* KML behavior change
* Add support for older Android (down to 4.1 from 4.2)
* Panorama includes shutter speed in wait calculation (long exposure panorama support)
* Added gimbal pitch to heads-up display
* Added (-) and (+) for editing some waypoint and mission values

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