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デジモンリンクス (Digimon Linkz) v1.03 [Japanese]


Digimon Linkz v1.03
Requirements: 4.1+

– "Digimon Linkz" is, the digital world is the real world and a different world "connect" is an application. –
Until now familiar Digimon who appeared in "Digital Monsters" series appeared a large number.
Armed with "Kizuna" of the Digimon us, stand up to the "catastrophe" suddenly occurred in the Digital World!

[Game introduction] ■ challenge to command Battle of 3VS3 along with the Digimon us
Digimon who each have "leader skills" advantageously carry the battle in the "unique skills, inherited technique", "attributes and resistance",
It leads to victory.

■ space Digimon us to live "farm"
Facilities and to foster the Digimon, a beneficial effect on the battle can build a variety of buildings, such as facilities.
Let’s make only of "Digimon space" You customize.

This game is in Japanese

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