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Defenders: H.B.GAIDEN APK v1.2 [Mod]

 Defenders: H.B.GAIDEN APK v1.2 [Mod]


defense hack&slash descended from the masterpiece hack&slash ‘Heart Breaker’, ‘Defenders: Heart Breaker GAIDEN’ newly released!
In this strategy role playing game, ‘Defenders: Heart Breaker GAIDEN’, you will protect the gate to the stronghold from different monsters with your mercenaries. Combining the system of ‘Heart Breaker’, a masterpiece hack&slash with strategic elements, this game has achieved greater strategy and speed.
With individual mercenaries, drive out numerous monsters such as skeletons, zombies and huge dragons to protect people from their attack!


English Ver. released.

1. Infinite Gold
2. Infinite Health
3. Max. Damage
4. 1 Hit Kill
5. invincible
6. Game Speed increases


 Defenders: H.B.GAIDEN APK v1.2 [Mod]

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