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Dead Union v1.9.3.6704 Mod [Unlimited Ammo/HP]


Dead Union v1.9.3.6704 Mod [Unlimited Ammo/HP]

Requirements: Android 2.3+

Picture a hardcore 3D shooting game with strategy gameplay — build up your base and deploy zombies at your beck and call!

Lonely but not alone. Welcome to the Dead Union!

[Features] -Diversified Weapons
29 types of weapons to choose from, surprising you with marvelous effects and varied experiences!

-Various Traps
11 kinds of traps to block or eliminate enemies in unexpected ways. You’ll be completely drowning in the fun of FPS world with strategy gameplay!

-Multiple Modes
By taking a variety of modes like ‘Target Escort’, ‘Zombie Butcher’, ‘Time Survivor’ and ‘Zombie Chaser’ along with various traps, you’ll create infinite possibilities!

-Extreme Challenges
Random challenges test your limit! With numerous waves of zombies surging, you’d better keep sharpening your weapons! What’s the ultimate weapon? Give a shot!

-Zombies on Your Side
A life-critical base for you to reign! Deploy the rotting zombies to fight for you and place defensive weapons to survive the invasion! Short of resources? Gear up and sweep other bases! Only the strong survive!

-Individual Zombie Storyline
Zombies created in game have their own stories and identifications like butcher, dancer, nurse and rocker and unknown monsters. Their special skills euqipped are accordance with their looks. Leave no mercy in killing zombies, or you’ll be one of them.


1. Item upgrade guide has been added.
2. Item upgrade prompt interface has been adjusted.
3. The first battle has been adjusted.
4. Turret placing guide has been added to the first battle.
5. Stamina deduction for battle failure has been modified.
6. Auto-fire has been set as default.
7. The Facebook login bug has been fixed.

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