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Dead Cubes Monster Encounter apk mod v C10.2

Dead Cubes Monster Encounter apk mod v C10.2

Dead Cubes: Monster Encounter
Run, shoot and duck for cover in this FPS science fiction survival game

Become part of a legendary battle when you enter the world of Dead Cubes: Monster Encounter. Go head-to-head against extreme warriors. Equip your gun and prepare for epic warfare and furious FPS action! Show no mercy as you navigate stunning 3D pixel worlds. This game boasts a user-friendly play style with simple, pad-based controls to fluidly fight, move and choose between weapons. Complete objectives and collect elite, modern day weaponry all while blasting through levels that are as challenging as the enemies themselves.

WARNING: BEWARE OF LEVEL SIZE This epic FPS game is jam-packed with supreme fighting action and MASSIVE landscapes. As such, load time can often take awhile. We ask that you don’t penalize Dead Cubes: Monster Encounter with a one-star review. This is a FREE game. The scope of the map is a challenge unto itself, so just look at those few seconds as a breather in between ultimate obstacles, deadly foes and breathtaking scenery.

Some people are just born with tragedy in their blood…

A young man is visited by a menacing cyborg who claims to be himself thousands of years into the future. His millennium old self warns his younger self one thing, and promptly disappears.

“For years a government agency has been trying to find a man: me. I’ve been the only one who survived their experiments. I’ve served countless kings, faked countless deaths to gain access to the power that would lead me to you at this precise moment in time. They need me. They need me for their diabolical ends to an entire colony: this colony. There is only one way to stop them. A group of people will infiltrate the colony. They are not as they seem. They will announce that they are part of a very powerful institution and that you must come with them immediately. Whatever you do, don’t go with them. Fight them to your death if necessary, especially the leader. He will become a powerful man. Stop him now while you still can.”

This intense FPS science fiction survival game is a furious running and shooting experience that requires, above all else, quick thinking and strategic combat planning. Crush the enemies who have invaded the colony and protect the future. Once upon a time these diabolical foes succeeded in luring you into their world of deceit and death, but in an ominous warning by your future self, you must stop these masterminds and change not only your own fate, but that of the entire known universe.

When you begin this journey of defense and survival, you will be unarmed. Only once you locate and equip a weapon can you begin to battle these foes. A series of elite modern weapons can be found throughout each map, as can a steadily dwindling supply of ammo and health packs. In addition to a selection of melee and firearm weapons, exploding barrels have been placed throughout the levels and with strategic planning, can be used to stop enemies in brutal fashion. Once all enemies are defeated, the portal to the next level will open and you will advance to an even more challenging map. The worlds are labyrinthine, and if you are not careful, you can easily get lost or backed into a corner without escape. Every move could potentially be your last, so shoot fast and run faster. The enemies are merciless and will stop at nothing in their diabolical scheme.

*Entity map
*Aggressive combat
*Simple, touch screen game controls
*Three unique combat scenarios
*Varied and powerful weapons
*Selection of health and ammo pickuos3D FPS pixel worlds
*Interactive surroundings
*Progressive difficulty game play

Dead Cubes Monster Encounter
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter
Dead Cubes Monster Encounter

Additional information

Updated : January 25, 2016
Size : 46M
Installs : 100,000 – 500,000
Current Version : C10.2
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 12 Moderate Violence Learn more
In-app Products : HUF349.25 per item
Permissions :

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