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Darkness Reborn v1.3.9


Darkness Reborn v1.3.9
Requirements Android 2.3 +

Challenge the new head of raid: Thanatus!
Check out the new interface that will facilitate their progress in the game.
Become even stronger with new coats.
Great rewards for new users!
– Get 300 SOL, 3 Safes Platinum, 1 Coupon 80% for Griffin Wings and 1 Coupon 80% to Ballark wings to complete the tutorial!

More than 35 million registered users!
Darkness Reborn is a unique action RPG!

intense and annihilating battles!
– Elaborate graphics, similar to the PC games blockbusters!
– Feel the taste of victory! Destroy the devil’s army with effects and fatal blows!

An exclusive series of powerful classes!
– Warrior: physical stone with destructive skills
– Kunoichi: the ruthless killer of darkness
– Maga: the mysterious witch with a dancing chakram.
– Demon Hunter: penetrates all obstacles with a powerful and precise storm of arrows
– I will destroy anyone who stands in my way. Wild, the double ax of destruction!

exceptional dimensions and flawless content in real time!
Win in the Arena PvP 3: 3 to reach the top ranking.
– Monumental size for a mobile game! Joque team to win raids boss!
– Cracks and dungeons for groups with two elite players.
– The endless fight for victory began! Show your value in fallen maze.

Fight in the final battle!
– Automatic Battle System! Conquer the great game content at the speed of light.
– Customize your characters! Fabrique, Enchant and Evolve as you wish!
– 1,296 combinations of skills! Prepare for the battle against the army of the devil.

The fabulous action RPG with 25 million downloads worldwide. Experience a new era of action with Darkness Reborn!

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