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Critter Academy v1.3.1 [Mod Damage/Defense]


Critter Academy v1.3.1 [Mod Damage/Defense]
Requirements: Android 2.3.2+
Overview: Tower Defense meets RPG meets Deck Building Action with beautiful 3D art. Collect and train Critters. Battle in real time against friends from around the world. Establish a Guild and challenge others in the Tournaments. Defend and rule the Critterdom!


Critter Academy is the most prestigious university in the Critterdom. Students from around the realm travel here to learn the skills and magic necessary to compete in Critter battles.

As your battle skills improve, you’ll travel to new parts of the Critterdom, making friends and battling ever more powerful Critters. 

Prepare to be pulled into a story spanning the history of the realm and the origin of the Critters. From the Critter miners in the lowest caverns to the royal family in the highest castles, this tale will take you on an epic journey of power and deceit.

Critter Training
Collect and train a diverse collection of Critters with a stunning array of weapons and skills. Build teams of Critters from your collection and crush your opponents. Critters, weapons, and skills can be upgraded via the Ascend system. 

PvP and Guild based battles with players connected around the globe. Win amazing rewards as you move to the top of the tournament ladder. 

Constant Improvements
Our developers are working around the clock to upgrade and improve Critter Academy, adding new Critters, events, and more. Frequent updates based on your comments and feedback!

What’s new

Shard farming icons now shown in PvE.
Special purchase tab opens when you collect a new critter.
Powerful limited summons available for collection.
OS specific characters added.
Chat function now improved.
First recharge Gift now improved with extra materials and bonuses.
In-game bulletin scroll feature so we can contact players instantly with important news.
Free Gold with Ad monetization.
Two new fusions added.
Dungeon reset system now implemented.
Story now added for all 15 zones.

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