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Clumzee: Endless Climb v1.0.2 (Mod Money)


Clumzee: Endless Climb v1.0.2 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.0 +
Overview: Help Clumzee find the right path!


Navigate a cute but clumsy creature through many dangerous worlds. Move Clumzee up by controlling his sticky legs, and be sure not to fall down. He must move quickly and avoid mysterious water creatures and their spiteful minions who will try to stop him. Get as far as possible and reach the highest score. Collect golden coins to enter new worlds and eat as many fireflies as possible. Your new friends such as Tiger, Pirate, Viking, Samurai and many others will come to your side. Together you will conquer canyon winds, deep forests and even outer space! 

Little is known about small furry spider-like creatures called a Furballs. They hide in old buildings and deep forests, living comfortable life. They are fast and quite skillful in the art of the climb. Jimmy is one of them, although he’s rather unhappy. Always considered to be clumsy by his kin. They started to call him Clumzee. To prove everyone wrong (and to get some respect), he decided to go where no Furball had ever gone before — through a dense forest, freezing winter, and even a spooky cemetery . . . all to complete a dreaded path that no one has ever attempted. Nobody knows what’s at the end of the path — but the rumor is that there’s a great treasure waiting there. Clumzee needs to overcome many dangerous obstacles and run from horrible monsters — trying to eat anyone who dares to enter their world. Will he ever succeed in his quest? 

★ 30+ adorable characters with different personalities and qualities 
★ Travel through worlds such as land of candy, spooky cemetery and even space! 
★ Harness special powers to climb as high as you can 
★ Funny movement based on physics 
★ Engaging gameplay full of dangerous evil minions 
★ Family game for children and adults 
★ Cute cartoony graphics with addictive gameplay


+ Fixed crash on low performance devices
+ Added lens flare effects
+ Decreased loading times
+ Memory and performance optimisation
+ Added new loading screens for level transitions
+ Fixed OpenGL 2.0 decompression issues
+ Fixed minor boost bugs
+ Fixed particle effect scaling

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