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City Island 4: Sim Tycoon (HD) v1.4.5 [Mod Money]


City Island 4: Tycoon HD v1.4.5 [Mod Money] Requirements Android 2.3 +

Play the most popular series of city building games on your mobile! In this new City Island City Island 4: Tycoon HD (City Island 4: Yes Town Tycoon HD), the construction of cities was even more fun! You will be the tycoon who transformed a small village on the island in a megacity in multiple islands. Discover new islands, expand your city and urban life, keep your citizens happy, manage transport and have fun with a virtual world filled with missions! Join over 50 million players who have played at City Island series, with detailed graphics and incredible realism. Place buildings and decorations at strategic places to keep the money coming in and your city growing. See its islands create life, snow, rain and sun, day and night! Manage and make your city grow wherever you are – online and offline.
City Island 4: Yes Town Tycoon HD
After the acclaimed City Island 3: City Building, City Island 4: Yes Town Tycoon HD is the fourth game in a series of building games very popular cities. You start with an empty island and a bit of money and gold, then have to manage and transform their village into a small town and then in a megalopolis. If you like cities building games, with over 250 amazing buildings with extreme detail, City Island 4 is your best choice. Join building game most popular cities in the world with aspects of really cool city simulation. Many fun challenges to complete, for example, find the best way to organize your city with decorations that bring improvements, attend events to gather enough materials for special buildings, manage the transportation of citizens, providing sufficient jobs and community buildings to main- them happy and earn more money. Enjoy the realism of various weather conditions, day and night cycles and many other legal aspects of urban life.

As mayor, you need to solve real-life challenges, such as maintenance of buildings, fires, provide services and other community needs to keep its citizens happy, increasing its population with parks and decorations, provide transportation with roads, railroads with trains, walkways , waterways, ports and cargo ships and solve fun challenges with your friends to shape and make your company grow.

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