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City Island 3 v1.7.0 Mod [Money]


City Island 3: Building Sim v1.7.0 Mod [Money]
If you liked City Island and the tycoon type games and like to build, you will surely love our third building game! Join over 15 million players of City Island and start playing City Island 3: Building Yes today!
This time you will have your own archipelago! You can unlock and build an island paradise for tourists on a volcanic island, a swamp, a desert and more! The great city building allows you to build cities, villages, camps or a metropolis. Keep your citizens happy with beautiful decorations and create jobs to earn money and gold with its happy citizens.

People in your city will offer missions and comments on their performance! Also, you can decorate your city by adding walkways, rivers, railroads with trains, parks and hundreds of beautiful and fun items. If you like free games city, build a virtual city on City Island 3: Building Yes is your best choice!

City Island 3: Building Yes is the result of two extremely popular City Island games with over 15 million downloads to date, also created by Sparkling Society. In this game, you will create your own story unblocking its archipelago of islands by developing their village on each island to have small towns and large cities. The key is balance and be creative in this game city building. You have all the power in this epic story: have hours of fun stuff!

– Construction game easy to play
– Build and decorate your own beautiful islands archipelago with more than 150 items, be creative!
– Intuitive gameplay with challenging tasks, awards and achievements.
– Enjoy fun missions that help you create your own virtual paradise in this game to build cities that you can play for free!
– Build and decorate a beautiful island with over 150 unique items. Be creative!
– Coins: Gold and money.
– Attracts residents with parks, trees, trains, boats, decorations and community buildings.
– Collect profit from your commercial buildings.
– Will upgrading buildings in your city.
– Help the citizens to build a city in this story of exotic island.
– Collect XP (experience points) and level up to unlock a new building construction.
– Collect many REWARDS while playing.
– Expand your city to win construction space for more buildings and allows the progression of your village until it reaches the metropolis of tall buildings.
– Accelerates construction / update time.
– Many adventures and missions to unlock.
– Expand your city by land and sea.
– Many hours of free fun.
– Architecture in the style of Sim games.

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