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Chaos Battle Hero v1.012 [Mod]


Chaos Battle Hero v1.012 [Mod]
Requirements: Android 3.0+
Overview: Massive real-time RPG with users from around the world
Global launch of "Chaos Battle Hero"
Conquer the Colosseum and defeat enemies with powerful equipment and allies!

■ Features
– Play in any of the 12 languages offered, including Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese
– Enjoy simple controls, an addictive tactile pleasure and the progressive development of an RPG all at once
– Gather and train as many endearing, unique characters as you can
– A wide variety of game content to keep you entertained, such as dungeon explorations,
the Battlegrounds, Hell Gate and the Colosseum
– Compete with other users from around the world in real-time battles in the Colosseum
– Invade other users’ castles and plunder their gold

Mod Features : Icry4u
1- Low Hp ( Enemies have Low Hp … your hp will be low but you can raise it by upgrading your gear )
2- Fast Heal < some times it stops to heal
3- Fast Mp Regen < New…!! < some times it stops to regenerate
4- Mp slightly Increased
5- Monster Wave ( Kill 1 monster to go to the next scene ) < New…!!
* Note : Monster Wave could get you easily banned you have been warned *

– U need to be rooted to use these mods …!!
– Download the mod you wish
– Use lucky patcher method to patch to android ( How to login with Google+ on unsigned modded Android games (Root))
– install apk and enjoy

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Download Instructions:
1. https://userscloud.com/zf7rs0c2aqfz
2. https://userscloud.com/p3l5uts3bclo
3. https://userscloud.com/mhpsazdmjb34
4. https://userscloud.com/rwcwkdj5zvq9
5. https://userscloud.com/kcz8th4iq9gi

1. https://tusfiles.net/67vid062v2tg
2. https://tusfiles.net/ilb9aw5lfzmu
3. https://tusfiles.net/6b3g30ngdqar
4. https://tusfiles.net/n10trz3w07jy
5. https://tusfiles.net/lwk895z5jjp8


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