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Caught v0.8 APK



Caught v0.8 APK In CAUGHT you have to collect a certain amount of points while trying to avoid getting caught. If you get caught, you can not collect points until you’ve caught another player.
Your goal is to be the first to reach the point limit proposed in the map.

CAUGHT is currently in development and during this period those who buy the game will do it for half price. This beneficial both buyer and us, helping us to get the final product quality to which we aspire.

CAUGHT uses the Unreal Engine 4 powered by Epic Games.
Unreal Engine 4 uses the latest graphics technology and phones requires at least midrange to run correctly.
Even so, we have introduced quality settings for less powerful devices can enjoy the game in exchange for sacrificing some visual quality.

Remember that while we are in the development stage you can enjoy the game for half the price, take advantage of the offer!


 Caught v0.8 APK


 Caught v0.8 APK


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