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Card Crawl v2.1.1 Моd Apk (Unlocked)


Card Crawl v2.1.1 Моd Apk (Unlocked) Clear the Dungeon of 54 cards by using item-cards, slaying monsters and managing your limited inventory Crawl . Each run you can use 5 ability-cards (mini deck building) which will give you unique skills. By collecting gold you can unlock 25 ability-cards which enable new tactics and even better highscores.

Card Crawl’s 4 single player game modes are enhanced via Google Play services to compare scores and the associated decks created by each player. A typical game can be played within 2-3mins and is a perfect one more game experience while waiting in line or commuting.

+ solitaire style gameplay
+ 4 game modes (Normal & Constructed, Daily & Streak)
+ 25 unlockable ability-cards
+ mini deck building
+ Google Play services integration to compare highscores and decks
+ tricky Achievements
+ 2-3mins playtime per game


Card Crawl v2.1.1 Моd Apk (Unlocked)

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