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Cannon Note with FREE demo and without ADS!

Hello I want to share with you my Android game, any reply or critic is really apreciated!

The game is Cannon Note, and has a free demo available.
-Make incredible shots!
-Over 50 levels!
-Unlock trophies!
-Collectibles in each level!
-Powerful physics engine!
-Cannon Note (A cannon in a notepad)!
-Super addictive!
-Intuitive touch controls!
-And classic button controls!
-Enter a pen painted world in a notepad!
-Without ads!!
-Multiple languages!
-Lost lives counter!
-With free demo!!
-With amazing and difficult extra phases!
-And special levels that are really original!

You can see the trailer here:

And I’m glad for show to you some pics too:

Here’s the links to the demo and the full game:
Link to the full game
Link to the demo

Enjoy it and thank you for your attention!


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