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CallofCommander: Zombie Island v1.1 (Mod Money) apk



CallofCommander: Zombie Island v1.1 (Mod Money) apk Sometimes human greed brings a terrible disaster.

A beautiful remote island, Sunshade.
There is the Nano Creature Tech corporation’s medical research facility that researches extending human life.
One morning, Laura, a researcher, runs into a guard on the way to her lab.
She says hello to the guard, but he ignores her greeting and bites her hand.

Five hours later,
Nano Creature Tech realizes that they’ve lost contact with the facility.
The corporation sends in a private mercenary squad “Metal Trooper” to the island to investigate the situation.
Mark, the commander of Metal Trooper, finds that the island is totally out of control, and then decides to rescue survivors and escape the island.

– Command all soldiers at once with simple swipe controls
– Upgrable 8 commanders with individual skills and strengths
– Various campaigns with various missions
– Expandable the size of a squad
– Infect system : Don’t let your soldiers turn into a zombie!
– Rescue system : Rescue a soldier being bitten before turning into a zombie!
– Hunger system : Take supplies to survive!
– Survival mode : Survive in a endless fight!
– Weather system : Various surroundings that affect combat
– Many map objects that can be used strategically
– Universal App
– Stunning pixel arts
– Realistic sound effects and BGM
– Various achievements and leaderboards
– Asynchronous multiplayer : Supports inviting a friend’s commander


 CallofCommander: Zombie Island v1.1 (Mod Money) apk


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