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BLOCKQUEST 1.53 Mod Apk Money/Power-Ups is an old school Action Puzzle RPG game, which is a combination of puzzle and action, which concentrates on clearing variety of dungeons. You won’t solve it so easily!
[Game introduction] Suddenly countless dungeons appeared in different places of the world. Ones who where brave enough to descend into maze would end up blood drained and killed by some unknown force.
Become a hero, brave and fast to enough, to clear dungeons before your body succumb to dreadful power. Monsters, pitfalls, closed doors – these and other traps await. Use tricks, bombs and potions to unravel all secrets hidden in the dungeons.
Start an adventure set in a 3D pixelated world.

[How to play] Easy to operate TAP & SWIPE system.

[Collecting heroes and levelling up] Starting with Apprentice Swordsman, explore dungeons and obtain new characters among which are such great heroes as mighty Warrior, graceful Samurai or Monk who recovers himself. As you go deeper into the fantasy world, you will also meet animals blessed with great powers. Search and revive your hero and help him level up. He will loose to no one!



 BLOCKQUEST 1.53 Mod Apk Money/Power-Ups – UPLOADED

 BLOCKQUEST 1.53 Mod Apk Money/Power-Ups – DAİLYUPLOAD

 BLOCKQUEST 1.53 Mod Apk Money/Power-Ups – DROPLOAD

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