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Blockingfive v1.0.1 apk


Blockingfive v1.0.1 apk You think it’s easy to mark five in a row. Your opponent think so, too.

When the playing field is shorted and you quickly have to reassess the strategy, rows are blocked and time is running out… The smartest always wins.
Because it’s not easy to win Blockingfive, even if it is very easy to play.

• Learn from The Instructor. Rules and advice during the game.
• Practicing against The Machine. A moderately intelligent artificial opponent.
• Switch between landscape and portrait mode when you want.
• Play against each other on the same device. No connection is required.
• Collect blocks and take advantage of them.
• Avoid short circuits, but take advantage of them.
• Always be in time!


 Blockingfive v1.0.1 apk

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