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Block Mortal Survival Kombat Apk Mod vC10.2

Block Mortal Survival Kombat Apk Mod vC10.2

Ready your weapons, Block Mortal Survival Kombat is an epic combat challenge came that demands you strike fast and hard as legions of enemies attack from all sides. The powerful domain of your kingdom attracts enemies of all kinds, each more dangerous and devastating to your armies than the last.

The king has long watched over the realms, and governed them with untold wisdom, but as his reign has been threatened, so is his success. A dark and mysterious force now looms large over the lands, and it is only a matter of time before the day of reckoning descends over the nations and heralds the realms to a new age and dominate empire.

As knight to your king, it is up to you to confront these dark warriors and see to it each and every one falls. The fate of the realms rests upon your shoulders. Don’t crumble from the weight…


A mysterious brand of sorcery has enshrouded the lands, and from the magical mists have appeared a dangerous enemy that has threatened every town and village. Confronting these enemies in the temple arena, you will need to wield your most powerful weapons against these foes or fall in defeat. With magic driving their weapons, these warriors are fierce competition. Enter the fray warned.

The stark walls of this temple were built thick to keep enemies from the destruction of the deity spirits within that protect the realm. Prepare for unimaginable battles as these mythical enemies descend upon you in mobs and formidable snipers set their deadly sights upon you from above.


The enemy has breached the walls of the palace and the results are devastating. These dark hunters have poisoned the water, and as comrades fall before you, their chalices spilling the vile poison over the stones, the battle you had thought won is truly just beginning.

In your quest to fell this next wave of enemies, you are summoned to the Grail Temple– the dark underbelly of the afterlife where the spirit of the guardian of death resides. It is here you know your enemy lurks for they have come to make a bargain with the guardian himself.

Stalk the dark, gritty halls of the temple as you confront these ominous warriors in your frantic fight for survival. Feel the danger of the guardian surround you as he plans to welcome your demise at the hands of these warriors.


A knight is ever weary for his role as protector is never through. The objective of your enemy is to obtain a rare and powerful magic from a newly discovered temple in the vaults far beneath the castle. This powerful discovery seems wrought by the very hands of time itself for the walls of this arcane temple is foreign to the realm as a whole. Though strange it might be, the power found within is not to be rivaled, and as any person or object of power is, so this room is also the target of interest.

Fight your way against dozens of ultimate foes as you guard the mighty powers of this impressive temple of war. The forceful soul of the guardian spirit is potent within these walls, but whose side does he champion?

Block Mortal Survival Kombat Features:

*Discover hidden weapons
*Search the temples for ammo, health, and speed pickups
*Choose weapons easily or fight hand-to-hand
*Entity map with real-time aerial views of oncoming enemies
*Increasingly difficult survival challenge
*Navigate three challenging intense FPS terrains

Block Mortal Survival Kombat
Block Mortal Survival Kombat
Block Mortal Survival Kombat
Block Mortal Survival Kombat
Block Mortal Survival Kombat
Block Mortal Survival Kombat

Additional information

Updated : October 29, 2015
Size : 50M
Installs : 100,000 – 500,000
Current Version : C10.2
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 12 Moderate Violence Learn more
In-app Products : HUF361.95 per item
Permissions :

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