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Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D apk mod vC10.2

Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D apk mod vC10.2

Block Maze Survival Runner 3D is a virtual death match! Collect a series of super melee and firearm weapons in a pixilated 3D universe with unimaginable challenges and obstacles. This modern blockworld shooter game is an epic game of strategy, lightning fast reflexes, and defense. Extract revenge on your enemies as you fight for survival. Go head-to-head against aggressive mobs of intelligent enemies with high damage. Fans of free online action games will totally love this life or death struggle where the danger is real and every step could be your game over.

Cleverly hidden away was an old military air base. Date showed it was abandoned when something from the experimentation room escaped and killed dozens of people. No one went near it, afraid the monster lurked somewhere within. What they could never have guessed was the base was a front for a terrible experiment. In a post-apocalyptic future, survivors have thrived by trapping young men in a maze and testing different theories of survival and ways to overcome their bleak circumstances. The rumor of the monster originated when a maze monster known by Lab Coats as a Griever, escaped the maze and went on a mad rampage. Infecting millions with its venom, a horrible disease quickly spread through the world, and set off the events that would crumble a nation. The sole survivors were those in the experimentation dome, and know the Lab Coats are set to create a new nation that exceeds the power and might of any previous civilization, but first they must find a way to manipulate the souls who boast the immunization of the maze. When one such Lab Coat becomes overwhelmed by the tyrannical behavior of his superiors, he seeks to free a select few survivors in hopes they might put a stop to their maniacal scheme, but instead, he is found out and is tossed into the maze himself. Without the same immunized strength as the maze men, can the Lab Coat possibly survive the possibility of death that he faces around every corner?

You are outnumbered! It’s time to fight for survival and give it all you’ve got. As you launch this game, you’ll be given an opportunity to earn a helpful power-up you can wield until you die. To opt into this reward, you will watch a brief video ad and then proceed to the map where you will see a series of levels that you will need to defeat. The levels are infested with dangerous enemies and a timer will count down the time you have to earn a powerful permanent weapon (a helpful tool in which to help you survive). Collect blocky weapons as you advance in addition to ammo and health. If you find yourself short on either of these perks, watching more video clips will get you back in the positive numbers and allow you to keep on fighting. At the beginning of each level, you will be given a number of enemies to defeat and you will need to scour the land and find each foe before they find you. You will start off trapped in the maze where terrible obstacles await you. From there you will advance to yet another maze full of monsters and infected individuals. Finally, if you’ve been lucky enough to get this far, you will enter the libratory observation room where you will fight for your freedom. The last stand. It’s do or die!

Top Game Features:
-Conquer great enemy variety
-Run to survive
-Entity map
-Hand-to-hand combat
-Game timers
-Devastating obstacles
-Retro-styles pixel-art
-Immersive mobile and tablet game play
-Intuitive user interface


-lab scientist
– Military Men

Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D
Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D
Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D
Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D
Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D
Block Maze: Survival Runner 3D

Additional information

Updated : November 15, 2015
Size : 47M
Installs : 5,000 – 10,000
Current Version : C10.2
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 12 Moderate Violence Learn more
In-app Products : HUF359.41 per item
Permissions :

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