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Block Island Survival Games apk mod vC7.2

Block Island Survival Games apk mod vC7.2

Prepare yourself for a battle unlike any other when you enter the world of Block Island Survival Games! An epic action game filled with unimaginable battles in full, 3D pixilated graphics awaits you in the ruins of an ancient civilization where it’s either kill or be killed.
Trapped in the wilds of a remote jungle village lurks one of the world’s most powerful and deadly clans known to exist. Thought only a myth, you’ve since discovered that their brutal rituals have unleashed havoc on the ruins of an old religious temple and burial ground. Sensing your presence, mighty warriors that once defended the island from outsiders such as yourself have risen again to annihilate the threat to their remote location. The hell gates have opened and a flood of demon foes have spilled fourth to hunt you down courtesy of the witch doctor who wants your head on a platter.
In a world overrun with the dead, your mission is one of survival. Battle legendary enemies and discover a world full of diverse challenges. The ultimate FPS showdown is at hand and you must tear through waves of enemies with only one goal–your death. Test your skills, plan your moves, and above all, reserve your shots or risk losing everything. The epic action of this first person shooter action game is one of legendary proportions and now you are in the midst of it. Battle your way to victory and discover the secrets these clansmen hold close. The truth could lead to devastating consequences unless you can overcome these highly skilled foes and crush them back to dust from which they came.
Revolutionary game play is at your fingertips in an array of breathtaking and challenging levels. Block Island Survival Games is not your average game. Death and magic lurk in every shadow and around every turn. This addictive game will have fans of free FPS action games up in arms over the intense challenges at their fingertips.

*Unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and perks to help keep you alive
*Utilize ammo and health picks ups to aid you on your adventure
*Choose weapons easily or fight hand-to-hand for the ultimate experience


*Explore stunning special effects found throughout each brutal level
*Challenge brigades of enemies that increase as you progress through the game
*Reserve your health as pickups decrease with your every advancement
*Overcome constant challenges set in and around breathtaking ruins, both at day and at night
*Be aware of your surrounding and make use of your entity map

Rate kindly! Please don’t penalize Block Island Survival Games with a one-star review, after all, this is a FREE game and we just wanted to ensure this game was fully loaded with as much action packed fun as we could fit into it. In order to bring you the most epically awesome immersive game play ever, we created levels that are HUGE! Because of this, load time can often take awhile…

Block Island Survival Games
Block Island Survival Games
Block Island Survival Games
Block Island Survival Games
Block Island Survival Games
Block Island Survival Games

Additional information

Updated : April 5, 2016
Size : 49M
Installs : 100,000 – 500,000
Current Version : C7.2
Requires Android : 2.3 and up Content Rating : PEGI 12 Moderate Violence Learn more
Permissions :

DOWNLOAD: Block Island Survival Games

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