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Battlefield Combat Black Ops v2.5.2 Mod Apk


Battlefield Combat Black Ops v2.5.2 Mod Apk
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: A long time ago… in a forgotten earth…
Very few people remember when the war started. Even fewer people remember why.

This is the year 607 AWS. 607 years of endless dispute, the Empire is nothing but an unlimited battleground between the Black Ops as well as the Carthage Rebels. Numerous star systems have actually been burned to ashes in a spiral of hatred where just the strongest task forces, snipers and also shooters could endure. Having actually reached its peak, centuries earlier, currently innovation is just a shabby device in the hands of brutalized agreement deadlies and also soldiers of lot of money. Yet something has transformed … they’re the Black Ops

Having lately made his leadership in a bloody internal conflict, the young and also talented brand-new Rebel leader has actually found in a distant nation old wrecks from an odd society, with unidentified modern technology which could turn the tides of History as well as the power balance. Rumors speak in the borderlands concerning fights finished in mere mins while the Realm leaders appeared to have their mind controlled …

You are a freshly selected Realm commander, expert from the combat zone, professional in both hand to hand battle and also strategy. Kill your opponents in the dispute and also fight for the splendor of the Realm … and your own glory – or perhaps you ought to take note of other interesting offers.

Battleground Combat Black Ops 2 is a first individual shooter where you will fight in sniper as well as rifle stages, all in a highly thorough advanced atmosphere where you will certainly really feel the stress of being the first line in the batllefield.


– Various weapons, adjustable as well as upgradeable- Reasonable shooting of your tool- Greater than 60 very carefully made scenarios- Actual 3D graphics enhanced for a wide variety of tools- Construct your very own base!
– Multiplayer! Engage in difficult gamer vs player fights- Easy to find out, hard to master- COMPLETELY FREE.
– Unlimited waves of AI regulated enemies- A contemporary fight video game you will bear in mind.

– Unlimited Gold.
– Unlimited Coins.
– Unlimited Diamonds.
– Unlimited Gamer Details.
– Unlimited Medickits.
– Limitless XP.

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