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Battle Cards Tactics v3.8 [Mod Money] APK


Battle Cards Tactics v3.8 [Mod Money] APK Trading Card Game for fans of tanks and military style combat in TCG.
Great development, but there will be also futures upgrades that will add more content to this game.
Game mechanic is similar to Hearthstone, but not a copy!
This is fine tank cards game. Battle Cards Tactics is best modern armor battle cards of wargaming.

ATTACK: 1x Click (Tap) your Card => Click Enemy.
MINE: 2x Click your Boss Card to drop mine.
BOSS: All Boss card actions (attack, boost, mine) cost 2 points.
SHORTCUT: Double click (2xTap) your card to attack enemy Boss.
SHIELD: Defender card, if there is one you can not attack other cards.

Free Cards Battle Mode.
Boss Cards Battle Mode.
Shop Cards – free of micropayment, just virtual money you earned in game.

Also included Tank Racing Track – minigame with racing tanks.

Battle Cards Tactics: Modern Armor.
TCG by Marscezar.


Battle Cards Tactics v3.8 [Mod Money] APK

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