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Autosync for Google Drive ULTIMATE v2.7.5 Apk


Autosync for Google Drive ULTIMATE v2.7.5 Apk
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Keep your phone/tablet and your Google Drive in sync at all times. Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync for Google Drive.

★ Full two-way sync. Just like Google Drive on desktop computer
★ Instantaneous upload: new data (as an example photos) are submitted to Drive quickly
★ Really reliable, consumes almost no battery if there is no weather change spotted as well as will not reduce your phone either
★ Very simple to set up. When set up reports will certainly be kept in sync with no initiative from users
★ Works dependably under ever changing network problems on your phone
★ Screens battery level, WiFi/3G/4G/ WiMax connectivity as well as adjusts its behavior according to individual needs
★ Configurable autosync interval: 15 minutes, HALF AN HOUR, every hr, …
★ Numerous sync methods. Not just two-way, you could additionally select Upload just, Upload then delete, Download only, Download and install mirror, …
★ Compact code size, memory effective, no fancy graphics, no worthless animation. We have adequate bloatware. Does one thing and also does it best
★ Usage together with the official Google Drive customer, or other Drive client of your choice.
Autosync for Google Drive provides the crucial attribute, two-way sync, which ought to remain in the main Google Drive for Android since the beginning. For whatever reason it wasn’t and also still isn’t. Now you have it.
If you are a serious Google Drive customer and want more versatility, please take into consideration updating to PRO variation.
★ Sync multiple folders
★ Sync the whole Drive with a folder on your phone or tablet
★ Upload big files, from 10 MEGABYTES to numerous GB
★ App setups could be safeguarded with passcode
★ No ads
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✓ Very same folder can be used in numerous folder sets
✓ Connect to on the internet individual’s overview
✓ Insect fixes
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