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Astro Boy Flight! v1.2.0 Mod [Money]


Astro Boy Flight! v1.2.0 Mod [Money] Requirements Android 4.0 +

It’s a robot riot! We need you Astro Boy!
The world is under threat. pariahs robots are wreaking havoc, leaving no one safe.

It is at times like this, you need to call the strongest robot in the world and the greatest hero: Astro Boy!

Control Astro through dangers like robots waves and bombing missiles. Keep an eye open for the Death Bots large and lumbering giants that wield blades and destructive laser cannons.

Fortunately, the Astro will not be alone in this battle. The trouble have called the most unlikely of allies weapons because you can play with Atlas, Blue Knight, Professor Ochanomizu, and even Dr. Tenma!


– Move Astro and use their guns to stop wave after wave of robots, trying to gain as much ground as possible

– Power to your characters with Power Blasters, Magnetic Shields and more

– Death Bots Win to gain access to useful Bots assistants. These Bots grant bonuses as missile shields, or boosters.

– Compete against friends and players from around the world

** Please note that while the app is free, no paid content and depending on the user’s will, can be purchased to enhance the experience provided by the game. You can track purchases made within this app using password
protection which can be enabled in the configuration page of the Google Play Store app.

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