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Anti Spy & Malware Protection v1.1(paid)


Anti Spy & Malware Protection v1.1(paid)
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Anti Spy Protection will stop them and return your privacy in seconds.


Anyone these days can buy sophisticated spy tools from the Internet. These Spyware tools are easy to use and extremely effective. It could be your husband, wife, partner, employer.. anyone at all can be a Spy these days.

The person Spying on you will have access to everything you do such as;

★ Listen to your phone calls
★ Read your private messages
★ See your internet history
★ Access your banking details
★ See your exact location

If they have Spyware on your phone they have everything you ever do.

The good news is that we can help you!!

Download Now and run a Scan. This is the easiest way possible to get rid of Spyware and protect your Privacy.


✔ Beautiful Interface
✔ Easy to Use – designed for everyone
✔ Removal of spyware in seconds
✔ Peace of mind for everyone

We charge a small fee to cover costs but this is a once off. We will never charge you again. We hope you see our value and we will work tirelessly to always do our best for you.

We offer customer support 24 hours a day and we provide free updates forever.

—- Additional Security Advice —-

In addition to using Anti Spy Protection we suggest that you also take the following steps to secure your privacy.

★ Always lock your android device when it is not in use

★ Use a strong passcode to unlock your android device

★ Make sure you are using the latest Virus protection and keep your virus database up to date

★ In the event of your android device becoming lost or stolen ensure you can remotely lock your device

★ Do not share personal information over the internet

★ Always keep an eye on your battery and data consumption

These are just a few tips and our help desk engineers can give you so much more.

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