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Alien Robot Monsters v1.1.45 [Mods]

Alien Robot Monsters v1.1.45 [Mods]

Requirements: 3.2+

Alien Robot Monsters is an epic sci-fi tower defense action game with a 16-bit era look and feel.

Somewhere in the future, humanity’s desire to expand to the stars is yet again faced with expected adversity.
After finding an earth-like planet capable of sustaining a civilization, a colony ship is sent with a small detachment of space marines. However, the whole planet seems to be infested with hostile robotic life forms bent on removing all humans from the planet. The fate of humanity is in your hands!

● Classic tower defense action game with explosions, debris, bullets, and missiles
● 16-bit era look and feel, but still in native 1980 x 1280 resolution
● Lots of towers, marines, robots, and levels – with new unlocks even after 25 levels
● Epic old-school Hollywood-style orchestral soundtrack
● Earn stars by completing the levels, and invest in global upgrades to get stronger
● 23 different towers with unique upgrades
● 60+ tower upgrades
● 31 levels plus 6 harder bonus levels
● 18 global upgrades with 5 levels each
● New unlocks in almost every level will keep you hungry for more!


* Balanced swamp 3 to be easier
* Lots of unit tweaks
* Buffed spec ops, exo marines, hunter drones and scavenger drones
* Few cosmetic improvements and fixes

Mod 1:
– Money

Mod 2:
– Money
– Start

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