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3D MMORPG of Saint Seiya v2.10


Saint Seiya 3D (genuína e licenciada)
Android 4.0+

Summary: Masami US genuine authority "Saint Seiya" 3D tour hand combat, cartoon classic God for renewed five small strong input!
"Saint Seiya" is authorized by the real world perfect effort United States Masami, gold medal team to build a 3D role-playing mobile games. 100% reduction story anime and relive classic for God, beautifully cinematic 3D image, legal action against refreshing; multiplayer interactive activities uninterrupted, relaxed staff social friends; Popular hundred recruiting holy warriors waiting for you to be your fight partner; various PVP play, the unfolding of God and encounter God. Was chosen as holy warriors for you, come join us and start a new adventure!

More Infor: http://a.9game.cn/sdsxs3d/#

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