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3C Toolbox Pro v1.6.12 Apk


3C Toolbox Pro v1.6.12 Apk
Demands: 2.3 and also up
Outline: aka “Android Tuner Pro”
The very most thorough toolbox to conserve electric battery, change, song, back-up, safe and secure as well as check any kind of Android tools running any ROMs, any type of kernels (from Android 2.3 up-to Android L).

☺ Replaces 20+ applications quickly worth 30EUR or even more ☺
☺ Acquiring begun: http://www.3c71.com/getstarted
☺ App screenshots: http://www.3c71.com/screenshots
☺ App standards: http://www.3c71.com/benchmarks
☺ Best on rooted phones, works properly on stock phones also
◊ Consents sought: http://www.3c71.com/permissions
◊ Open-source APIs utilized: http://www.3c71.com/opensource
♦ ♦ Feature set (some require tree roots get access to, try free of charge version initially) ♦ ♦
► Gadget manager * 1
◊ Tool profiles (PROCESSOR, IO, components)
◊ Jobs scheduler (application management, clean-up, etc)
◊ Gadget spectators to automatically turn on an account, work duties or feature alarm systems
◊ Electric battery financial savings using accounts and also jobs
► Documents explorer * 1
◊ Set copy/paste, zip, remove, relocate, share and flow data and folders
◊ Adjustment files/folders consents and possession
◊ Get access to all your Samba network portions
► Usage manager * 1
◊ Data backup as well as confirm app apk/data (multiple variations), sms and call-logs
◊ Tract app uninstaller and also upgrade cleaner
◊ Contribute and backup apps to e-mail, DropBox, GDrive, etc…
… ◊ Transfer any apps to customer, device, SD or link2SD
◊ Freeze/unfreeze applications, crystallize (eg hibernate/greenify) and also management app start-up and events
◊ Zip line up, clear store, rub dalvik-cache, correct permissions and also enhance databases
◊ Control application alerts, authorizations, closet (secure accessibility), rotation and pressure screen-on * 2
◊ Use as well as stand by data (find application drainpiping your electric battery)
► Network manager
◊ Specify WiFi access aspect priority
◊ Configure Android firewall program, TCP Blockage, DNS * 1
► Task supervisor
◊ Inspect PROCESSOR, network as well as memory usage
◊ Kill (default) or force-stop * 1 any sort of apps or piece procedures
◊ Automatic duty awesome, memory booster, memory cleaner
► Unit Management * 1
◊ CPU governor, rate, voltage, GPU controls, thermal and MPDecision commands
◊ Build.prop and sysctl publisher (basic as well as enhanced method)
◊ Improvement, study and also benchmark SD memory cards
◊ Android memory supervisor, moment cleaner, SD linker (directory site binder)
◊ fsync, sweep2wake, gamma and fast fee command
◊ Safe: bring back defaults coming from app or recovery as well as CPU levels on boot-loop
► Tract Monitoring
◊ All Android uses or even all processes, battery, Central Processing Unit, system, memory
◊ Element states (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)
► Status club notices
◊ Electric battery, processor, memory, sd, temperature additionally with graphics in drop-down
◊ Bring in electric battery continuing to be pub on top or even lower
◊ Remove original electric battery icon
► Extremely Configurable Gizmos
◊ Resizable gauge gizmo
◊ 1×× 1 and also 2 × 1(PRO ONLY)text message widgets ◊ 2×× 1-5 × 2 graphic widgets (PRO ONLY)
◊ 1×× 1 and 4 × 1-1 × 4(PRO ONLY)button gizmos * 1 ◊ 4 × 4 review widget (PRO ONLY)
► Tract Toggles (hand-operated gizmos or even in profiles)
◊ GPS, WiFi localization
◊ WiFi, BT, BT visible, APN, NFC, plane
◊ Tethering (USB, Wi-fi, BT)
◊ Brightness, display time-out, remain awake, torch
◊ Ring tone, shake, synchro, experience data
◊ Debug (over WiFi), unidentified sources, USB storage space, reboot
► Terminal Emulator Script Publisher
◊ Demand history
◊ Run or assess any texts, optionally on shoes
◊ Contribute scripts, orders as well as results
► Unit Logs Visitor * 1
◊ Logcat or kernel information
◊ Advanced filtering system and also search
and a lot more that complies with the eye ☺
* 1 Calls for tree roots and also bit support for full attribute
* 2 Demands root as well as Xposed framework
Caution: Originating and tree roots cleaning your cell phone can risk its own functionality or even lead to becomes defective.

Repair corrupted build (sorry)

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