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[18+] Draw Girls v1.2.6


[18+] Draw Girls v1.2.6

Requirements: Android 2.2+

★★ STORY ★★

A witch that had been jealous of the Drawing Village?s beauty has appeared.
The witch sealed people that were more beautiful than her in a black room, and hid her all over the world.
A few days later, the village chief sought you out.
?Only you can save them. I will give you the legendary magical brush. Will you bring peace back to our village??

★★ How to Play ★★
If you gesture up, down, and to the sides, the character will move and draw lines.
If the lines form a rectangle, you acquire that area.
If you acquire over 75% of the area, the game is cleared.
You can use various items or upgrade your attacking magic.
By using the properties of the attacking magic, you can eliminate the monsters easier.
Face the various monsters in the 100 stages.
By linking with Facebook, you can compete with your friends based on your score.
You can also give and receive game items, which allows you to enjoy the game more.
You can enjoy the game with a simple control.
Have you ever played qix or galspanic?
Then you willenjoy this game even more.

This download contains mature content. :fineprint
You must be at least 18 years of age in order to download this item.

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