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12 Odins – Royal Road RPG v1.12.8 Mod Apk

12 Odins – Royal Road RPG v1.12.8 Mod Apk
◆ “12 Odins” × “Theater version FAIRY TAIL – DRAGON CRY-” in collaboration! ◆
Let’s play the game and get event limited animation & access!
Period: Monday, June 19, 2017 to Sunday 2nd (Sunday) 23: 59
※ “Anima” is a system that you can become strong by borrowing the power of that soul. When equipped the avatar will change to that character and the status will be up.

◆ It is advantageous to start the game now! It is! ◆
Beginner cheering campaign in progress! To all the players who start playing the game from now on
① Experience value doubles * Get “Metapuru Hat”!
② Gacha can get free for 12 times ※ Gacha medal gifts!

* The target whose experience value is doubled will be a player with job level less than 41.
※ Gacha medal can be received from the gift box after completion of the tutorial. Breakdown is 12 pieces for weapons and shields gacha.

◆ The royal road RPG appeared on the smartphone!

○ Strategically rich real-time RPG!
○ Variegated job × Equipment Training freely with more than 1,500 kinds!
○ Cooperate with friends easily multiplay!

= Game introduction =

Nostalgic but new, enjoy the world of the royal road fantasy RPG!

◆ Connect with your friends! Real time RPG of incandescence!
· Up to 4 players can be played among players!
· Guild mounting! Cooperate with your colleagues and advance your adventure!
· If you are alone, you can enjoy royal road RPG at double speed! Supporter AI function installed!
· Strengthen ties with cooperation with friends! “Poicha” system adopted!

◆ Let’s raise your own character!
– In addition to the royal road job of RPG, top positions such as paladin, magic warrior etc are appearing one after another!
· Customize to your favorite job with skill tree!
· Combination of various equipment! Let’s balance strength and appearance with “fashionable equipment function”!
· Dyeing of equipment is possible! Be stuck to wherever it looks!

◆ Refreshing battle full of presence! A story to be drawn!
· Battle expressed in full 3D! Do flashy effects! Unprecedented dynamism!
· Crossing feelings and human patterns, character rich characters accompany flowers with stories!

◆ Cooperation with friends is a shortcut to capture!
– Various chat function with parties, groups, guilds, whole, friends!
· Adventure is advantageous when you play multiplayer with your first group!
· With the nearby friends, you can also easily match with GPS!

◇ Story ◇
The great epic blessed by the goddess and spun in the land of Ursar
The incarnation of destruction “Magic dragon” who forced the world into the desperation era …
Hero Odin and 12 wise men who saved the world …
Around the legend, a new battle opens! It is!

Https://twitter.com/12 _odins

12オーディンズ - 王道RPG
12オーディンズ - 王道RPG
12オーディンズ - 王道RPG
12オーディンズ - 王道RPG
12オーディンズ - 王道RPG
12オーディンズ - 王道RPG

1.) always win
2.) instant kill with toggle

1.) BGM < max = instant win.
2.) press back button during battle = instant win (this will replace the BGM in future release). Currently both the back button and BGM can be used
3.) Instant win only on quests (PvE) – untested anywhere else
4.) You may need to do LP trick as this game has integration to Google+ or somewhat insisting to request login there. I tested on emulator ok

Install Steps:
1.) install modded apk
2.) remember to go to settings – BGM to enable mod


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